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IMAS AEROMECCANICA, in addition to designing, building and installing complete systems for dedusting and purification, has launched a series of Compact filters, equipped with electrical panel, filtering system and everything necessary to enclose in a single solution, everything needed to sanitize the air in the workplace and release polluting factors into the atmosphere below the legal limits. Particularly suitable for the Filtration and Purification of the most diverse polluting factors, such as whole and emulsified oils, powders of different granulometry, very thin dry or low humidity powders, composite materials, etc., deriving from processes such as hot or cold metal molding, rather than heat treatments, metal finishes, woodworking and inert materials, plastic, rubber, etc.

Filtration systems and application sectors

Suction workbenches with cartridge filtration and counter-current cleaning with compressed air, complete with electro-aspirator with anti-spark nozzle, ATEX motor and electrical panel, are suitable for the extraction of fumes or dust produced by welding, grinding, sanding, sanding , on small or medium-sized products, with a maximum weight of 250 kg / m2. The support surface is equipped with holes designed to ensure uniformity of suction and can be easily replaced to adapt it to different operating needs; they can be completed with a suction and extractable front wall and side containment modules. Built inside the IMAS AEROMECCANICA factories, in Fe 360

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"CMA" Suction booths with cartridge filtration and counter current air jet-pulse for the cleaning. These suction booths contain a completely soundproofed electric fan with spark proof inlet, ATEX motor and electrical panel and are suitable for manual processing of products, even large ones, which generate fine suspended dust. Designed in nominal modularity of 2 and 3 m (2.26 m and 3.39 m effective), they can be expanded as they are extremely modular. Manufactured in-house at IMAS AEROMECCANICA Srl factory they are suitable for sanding, polishing, sandblasting operations, application of paint powders, etc.

For grinding and polishing operations, they are available in a specific, sound-absorbing version (CMF), whose front panel has a sandwich structure consisting of a sheet metal base, a high-density fibre foam pad and a perforated sheet metal protective cover; the suction section has a metal pre-filter with anti-spark function and self-extinguishing cartridges. The modules that make up the partition walls or the roof have the same sound-absorbing composition, for overall attenuation of acoustic reverberation. The filtering system is based on antistatic cartridges with filtration efficiency of > 99.99 %, whose cleaning is entrusted to a cyclic timer (STR), with programmable pause/run times and an integrated timer for the post-cleaning function, with an approximate system noise level of 78 Db (A). The treated air can be returned to the environment with consequent energy savings.

DAP series represents the ideal solution for the aspiration and filtration of different dust types (composite materials, metal, wood, plastic, etc.) produced by processing which require high or very high pressure; For pressure until 4.500 Pa and air delivery until 2.000 m3/h, the models DAP 40 and DAP 75 are perfectly suitable, equipped with high efficiency electro-fan. For more performing applications (high vacuum), for pressure until 20.000 Pa and air delivery until 1.000 m3/h the models DAP150S and DAP185S guarantee these performances thanks to the equipment of very high pressure and efficiency blowers.

All DAP models are made of welded and painted sheet and equipped with:

  • Cartridge filtration system with counter-current compressed air jet cleaning with automatic sequencer for the management of cleaning cycles according to real needs, guarantee of constant efficiency and duration of the filter media (over 8,000 hours);
  • Discharge in mobile bin 160 liters equipped with turning wheels;
  • Electrical board for the start delta/star of the electro-fan/blower complete of the electric and pneumatic connections, ΔP display, vacuum gauge and alarms;
  • HEPA filter class H11 on the air outlet (only for models DAP 040/075);
  • Standard power supply 400 V / 50 Hz;


  • Different voltages or frequencies
  • Management and control with PLC
  • Inverter for the modulation of the aspiration and energy saving
  • Special cartridges for specific uses
  • ATEX execution for dusts with explosive characteristics ST1 KST 200 for zones 21/22, with electro-valves certified ATEX Ex II 3D, venting systems with diverter certified ATEX Ex II D and antistatic cartridges
  • Anti-fire switch board with temperature probe
  • Dust probe (dust detector) for the alarm of abnormal dust emission
  • Container fill level indicator;
  • DAP150S and DAP185S models are not endowed by the HEPA filter but they are equipped with a security filter placed at the inlet of the high pressure blower and automatic vacuum security valve
  • Micro alarm for the venting system opening
  • Wood cage shipment prearrangement

“CO” dust collectors with horizontal cartridges, working in depression with cleaning of the compressed air filters in counter-current controlled by a sequencer. Mainly used for indoor applications, they are suitable for the treatment of powders with reduced particle size with concentrations between 3 and 5 [g / m3]. Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control in IMAS plants, they are supplied fully assembled after being painted with epoxy powders polymerised at 180°C. The electric aspirator, positioned at the rear in a completely soundproofed compartment, is equipped with a high-performance impeller and an electrical panel on the machine.

The dusty air enters from below, directly into the hopper equipped with a non-return valve, the heavier material settles directly into a 160-liter container, which is equipped with wheels and quick-coupling hooks. The lighter material is dragged by the air flow towards the filtering media and is subsequently detached by the compressed air jet, due to the size of the valves. The "TF" versions with PTFE membrane cartridges are specifically designed for the suction of Laser or Plasma cutting benches.

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Series C

Dust collectors with electro-aspirator and electrical panel, suitable for internal use, (available optional kit for external installation). Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control within the IMAS AEROMECCANICA factories, laser-cut, folded and welded in FE 360 sheet metal, they are supplied fully assembled after a painting cycle with polymerized polyester powder at 180°C. Essentially formed by a vertically monolithic structure, they are complete with an electro-aspirator placed in the upper part, inside a completely soundproofed compartment, controlled through the electrical panel on board of the machine that includes contacts for remote control, hour counter, differential pressure switch and cleaning unit power supply. They can be used on the machine, as a single interlocking unit, to treat powders of different nature, even in continuous operation. The filtering media is sleeves or cartridges with compressed air cleaning system managed by sequencer (STR).

Mod. C-MS

The mod. C-MS is equipped with a particular filtration system, consisting of a high efficiency cyclone battery with final non-regenerable H13 filter, suitable for the treatment of fine or coarse powders, with the presence of oily lubricant-coolant emulsions, typical for the cutting of aluminum with automatic cut-off machines.


Dust collectors series CVK-CVT working in negative pressure, equipped with counter-current jet-pulses cleaning system, LARGE STILLING CHAMBER placed along the entire length of the filtering media. Suitable for fine dust, dry or with low humidity and filamentous material of various kinds.


  • Sleeves or cartridges filtering media;
  • Inspection/maintenance filters door, opening assisted by gas cylinders;
  • Discharge by collecting bins, 180 liters each one;
  • Certified electrical panel, installed inside the filter.
  • High efficiency electro-fan equipped with motor class IE3 and protection degree IP55;


  • Atex version (potentially explosive dust atmospheres ST1 -KST 200)
  • Diverter and Anti-explosion panels ATEX certified
  • Touch-screen control panel equipped with programmable PLC and inverter (only NOT ATEX or ATEX cat.3)
  • Fire-extinguishing system (powder or liquid);
  • Compressed air dryer unit;
  • Triboelectric probe for controlling anomalous ATEX dust leakage;
  • Differential pressure switch for filter clogging level display
  • High efficiency silencer;


Dust collectors with sleeves or cartridge filtration, operating in depression and cleaning of the compressed air filters in counter-current managed by a sequencer. Equipped with a stilling chamber extended along the entire length of the filtering battery, they are mainly used for internal usage, suitable for the treatment of fine, dry or low humidity powders, and are specific for the suction of laser or plasma cutting benches. Built under ISO 9001 quality control within IMAS AEROMECCANICA Srl factories, they are supplied fully assembled after a painting cycle. Inspection and any maintenance are facilitated by the large upper door that can be opened by means of gas cylinders; The inlet of the sucked material takes place from the side, directly into the large stilling chamber and then decanted into the hopper and then into the container.

The same coalescence principle of working so far applied by IMAS AEROMECCANICA to big installations is now proposed also for little depurators series
MCH Functional working - The sucked air enters the depurator through the expansion chamber; the drop in speed causes a fall in kinetic energy , this making the biggest particles fall down into the collecting tank equipped with anti-turbulence interspace. The second stage consists of a metallic pre-filter having optimized section agglomerating the polluting substance and retaining any eventual silicate (solid particles). This pre-filter is easily removable and washable, and its state is indicated by an outer manometer. The third stage of filtration, the heart of the depurator, consists of a self-draining coalescence candle made of a series of pierced metallic cylinders, inside which are placed the compressed glass fibres, disposed by alternating variable sizes between 6 and et 12 microns The filtration, based on the Brownian diffusion principle of sub-micron particles, guarantees an efficiency degree of more than 96-98%, and this with no need of any maintenance or replacement operation. During draining oil is collected in a suitable integrated tank, from which it will be evacuated automatically by means of the Clapet valve. The depurated air goes through the fan – which is then crossed by clean air – and is conveyed towards the final filter (HEPA H14 EN 1822 efficiency 99,99%), which also serves as a diffuser. The high efficiency degree reached by the candle guarantees a long life to the HEPA filter, the state of which is controlled by a differential pressure gauge with alarm warning light. The depurator is equipped with electric board for motor control and protection, having pre-arrangement for remote start contacts, and working hours counter.

Trolley-mounted air cleaner mod. CFC, working in depression, suitable for occasional and discontinuous processin. It has a pre-filtration stage for all typesof dus, by means of class G4 filter cells and a second stage, by means of F9 pocket filters (EN 779: 2002). Odor purification by means of a 60 kg activated carbon cell (extruded activated carbon 4mm - ACTICARBONE ACM 20-4); No.1 Mobile arm with a diameter of 200 mm and maximum working radius of 3 m, with pantograph bearing structure outside the arm and complete with swiveling hood (STANDARD SUPPLY) and valve for regulation;
Made in painted steel sheet and installed on wheels;
High performance electro-aspirator installed inside the frame with electric motor supplied in S1 class, IP55 protection, kW 3.0 (400V 50 Hz);
On board electrical panel, having the function to start/stop the electro-aspirator complete with operating hour counter, voltage indicator, thermal alarm and electrical wiring;

Wheeled filtering groups complete with aspirator and electrical panel, suitable for occasional or fragmented use for the suction and filtration of welding fumes. They are equipped with a metallic anti-spark prefilter, a cell containing the activated carbon and a high efficiency F9 final filter. Formed by a monolithic structure, they are complete with electro-aspirator, controlled by an on board electrical panel, which includes the hour counter and the differential pressure switch with alarm light; Built under ISO 9001 quality control within the IMAS AEROMECCANICA factory, they are supplied fully assembled after a painting cycle with polymerized epoxy powder and a 3 m mobile arm.

Technical features

- Nominal flow rate 2,500 m3/h;
- Operating flow rate 1,200 m3/h;
- Filtration efficiency EN 1822 (H12) / 99.5%;
- Filtering surface 9 m2;
- Motor power 1.1 kW (1.5 Hp);
- Sound level 73 dB (A);
- Weight 100 kg;
- Compact and easy to handle structure, built in sturdy steel sheet, powder coated, complete with wheels, handle, lifting eye bolts;
- Metallic prefilter;
- Acrylic filter;
- High efficiency pocket filter;
- IP65 electric control panel equipped with indicator lights to signal line presence, machine operation and any filter clogging;
- High efficiency centrifugal electric fan located downstream of the filtering section in a special soundproofed compartment;
- 10 Kg activated carbon post-filter
- Articulated arm of mt. 2, diameter 160 mm complete with hood equipped with damper and multidirectional joint

Candle purifiers with coalescence filtration system made in a monobloc solution with integrated both the aspirator and the electrical panel, with the inlet of the material aspirated from the side, directly into the large chamber.


Compact coalescence purifier with self-cleaning candles model C / OIL; Suitable for turning, milling, grinding, boring, etc...Primary expansion chamber, high efficiency candles specific for oil mist/fumes with the presence of dust. The concentration of dust and/or silicates on the candles is removed periodically and AUTOMATICALLY by a pulse cleaning system with reverse current managed by a settable sequencer. The supply includes automatic non-return drain valves on the spark plugs, level indicator for overflow alarm, differential pressure switch with display of pressure drops / clogging spark plugs; Filtering efficiency & gt; 90%;


The “C-OILJET” models are suitable for the filtration of emissions deriving from water-emulsified cooling operations with oil at 3/6%, with possible minimal presence of dense residues, etc.

Mobile filtering unit designed for internal use aside the machine, particularly suitable for the extraction and filtration, in occasional and noncontinuous operations, of coarse dusts and/or shavings coming from dry processing of wood, leather, paper, plastic, rubber, composite materials, etc… It is complete of electrical board and electro-fan certified ATEX integrated in the structure with an anti-spark brass coating on the clearance disc of the inlet port. Filtering system with antistatic polyester sleeves with direct discharge into plastic bags.

"MPS" are similar to the "FC” . In addition, they are equipped with a mechanical system by means of an electro-vibrator for cleaning the filters and the fairing to protect them. This structure has an upper opening for the connection to any vent chimney, thus allowing the external installation. The electrical panel, wired on the machine, is equipped with hour counter and differential pressure switch. The frequency of cleaning operations varies according to the type and particle size of the aspirated dust. The ATEX version allows installation in zone 22 and the treatment of explosive dusts of Class St1 (Kst ≤ 200 bar*m/s - Pmax < 8 bar).

Mobile filtering unit mod. CFC, functioning in depression and equipped with:

  • N. 1 articulated arm Ø160 mm, length 2.000 mm, with truncated conical hood;
  • Class G2 metal pre-filtration cell and bag filters ideal for fine dust class M5 (efficiency classes in compliance with EN779 standard);
  • Filtration stage with activated carbon;
  • Discharge in a 50 liters bin
  • High efficiency electro-fan, designed to work in depression, equipped with a 3 kW motor of installed power, 400V, 50 Hz, 3 PH;
  • Electric control panel for 3 kW electro-fan;

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Dust extraction and air cleaning systems

Our plants, certified and 100% produced within our factories, purify the air and protect the environment by adjusting the emissions of polluting factors into the atmosphere, both in Italy and in all countries of the world.

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