Wood / Mobile filtering units

Mobile filtering units

The range of mobile filters was developed by IMAS AEROMECCANICA to meet the needs of small/medium Companies that daily are engaged in a series of intermittent and discontinuous processes that require a good efficiency and small size at low cost. The new series of mobile filters MP is equipped with pockets polyester filters and collection bags with increased capacity to obtain a greater filtering surface and a superior storage capacity. This in the presence of very small dimensions compared with the standard mobile filters on the market. In addition, the robust design and high quality components ensure a long-lasting filter and an efficiency constant throughout the entire life

They can be equipped with manual or electro-mechanical cleaning system equipped with anti-explosion panels ATEX Certified by IMAS AEROMECCANICA


This series of filters is applied at Companies whose production processings generate in a sporadic and discontinuous way dusts and / or wood shavings, PVC or other materials

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