Industry / Recycling


Thanks to decades of experience in the field of filtration, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL has developed several solutions to treat any type of pollutant that is generated during the process of recycling and recovery of waste. Considering the variety and multiple nature of the pollutants that may be generated, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL designs and manufactures complete and specific systems using both dry and wet abatements

Thanks to the range of dust collectors SEP series, DC, M-23, M-30, we are able to reduce the concentration of dust resulting from the activities of:

  • Recycling municipal solid waste
  • Handling and shredding of special waste (tires, waste electrical and electronic equipment, cables, ferrous and non-ferrous materials)
  • Processing and production of fuel from waste

We can also reduce and depurate odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by wet scrubbers (SCRUBBER) or active carbon filter units, our series CARBO-CUBO

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