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Plastic and rubber processings

For over 40 years, IMAS AEROMECCANICA has been leader in the design and implementation of air suction, air depuration and dust filtering plants. In plastic industry IMAS AEROMECCANICA proposes the wide range of coalescence filtering candles purifiers. They are suitable for the filtration of smoke or emulsion mist oil generated in hot melt forming applications (injection moulding, die pressing, etc.) depending on the plastic material and additives used during the working procedure.

Thanks to the collaboration of some corporate clients who have allowed us to test our filter technologies, IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL has developed a new filtration system by applying innovative technical solutions to the known method of coalescing filtration adopted in other sectors. IMAS AEROMECCANICA SRL wants to provide its customers with the tranquility of full compliance with the current standards in the field of emissions into the atmosphere combined with the substantial reduction in running costs of the extraction system

The purifiers of new generation, in fact, have as main technical solution the filtering "candles" realized with the use of special elements fiberglass densely compressed. They can withstand heavy workloads without practically require routine maintenance.

The pollutant reduction occurs through two stages of filtration:

  • First filtration/agglomeration step of the smallest particles of oil or fine dust particles with common disposable filters or with inertial impact and/or cyclonic effect principle.
  • Second filtration/decantation step: the coalescence fiberglass candles are hit/crossed by the particles.

It is understood that the modular structure of the system will be designed and implemented on the basis of the present problems, with consequent installation of appropriate pre-and post-filtration systems


  • Automatic cleaning systems of the candles, temperature probes and levels, management of DeltaP by means of the electronic control unit with LCD display Imas "Ecoserial 1", management and control of the electro-fan driven by inverter for the real-time view of all functional parameters and alarm.
  • Lower decanting chamber endowed with clapet valve anti-back flow for the oil discharging.
  • Anti-explosion panels certified by IMAS available without extra price

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