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Sheet metal and finishing metals processings

IMAS AEROMECCANICA is present in the sector of air suction and filtration for over 40 years, proposing as a design manufacturer and installation company of plants for the treatment of emissions in the mechanical processings

IMAS AEROMECCANICA, with its dynamic and flexible structure, operating in various sectors of the manufacturing of sheet metal, namely:

Concerning the welding operations, IMAS AEROMECCANICA investigates and designs solutions with the aim of satisfy the customers’ needs. Our mobile filtering units series FSU99 are recommended for the filtration of welding smokes coming from non-continuative working conditions. For continuative working conditions IMAS AEROMECCANICA designs and realizes centralized filtering systems which use metallic cells, series FWS, or equipped with fiberglass pocket filters, series FTS. The smokes and micro dust produced during the welding operations can be captured by our mobile arms series BM or by use of new conception suction walls, whom are endowed with sound-proof panels to reduce the sound impact
We are able to offer a variety of solutions for all the needs resulting from the grinding, such as the construction of soundproofed rooms and booths or modular solutions through the use of suction soundproofed walls. The powders resulting from this operation are effectively retained by our dust collectors series D-PHC, DC, M-23, M-30
Thanks to our long experience in this field, IMAS designs and manufactures complete systems for the extraction and filtration of dusts resulting from the thermal cutting. If the machine does not have it, we are able to provide modular tanks equipped with micros and pneumatic valves to limit the intake only in the areas affected by the cutting torch. Thanks to the cartridge filtering units series D-PHC, DC, M-23, M-30, we are able to reduce the concentration of dust resulting from the activities of:
  • Laser cutting;
  • Oxygen-flame cutting;
  • Plasma cutting.
IMAS AEROMECCANICA proposes innovative solutions for the filtartion of the waste of metal finishing processings, thanks also to the wide range of dedicated products. The wide range of sleeves and cartridges dust collectors series M and series D allows the filtration of dusts produced in the finishing processes such as sandblasting. Whereas the range of carbon filters series CARBOCUBO are suitable for the surficial workings such as the pickling process, in presence of solvents or aggressive agents. Others workings dealt by the IMAS filtering technology are : - Grid blasting; - Milling; - Filing; - Polishing;
  • Sandblasting;
  • Milling;
  • Filing;
  • Buffing.

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