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Foundry and die casting

IMAS AEROMECCANICA, founded in 1975 develops machines and processes aimed at creating air suction and filtration, with a view to save energy and reduce maintenance.

Our experience in building plants on the foundry industry allows us to boast a number of references operating in different sectors:

  • Sand casting
  • Shell casting
  • Metals refinery
  • Sand molded casting

The systems ensure the removal of fumes, aerosols and dusts from working with machines of different tonnage, die casting, melting and holding furnaces of various types and sizes during the melting and slagging processings; carousels, chain conveyor, melting lines, shake out machines

Our range includes filters designed and manufactured to bear processes at high temperatures

Purifiers series OILJET

IMAS AEROMECCANICA is proud to introduce the new units mod. OILJET. These units are self-cleaning depurators suitable to catch release-agents and are able to be installed close to the machines and do not require any maintenance. This type of unit is used in the following working processes: Pending-Meliting furnaces, Degassing, Moulder Teeming, Die casting injection, Desludging

Schema Silos filtrante
Schema Silos filtrante

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