Pocket filters for fumes and oil mist

Pocket filters for fumes and oil mist

The multistage pocket filters are used to depurate the air containing low concentration of oil vapors/smokes and low quantity of dusts. The filter press-folded sheet structure is ribbed and reinforced; It is composed by a lower collecting chamber, to recover the condensed oils, an upper chamber containing the filtering media and a wide inspection door. The pocket filters can be equipped, in addition, with differential pressure switch to control the filters clogging and absolute filters HEPA, which will permit the air recirculation within the working environment (if allowed by the laws in force)

The filtration occurs in three progressive stages. The flow enters from an upper opening, it passes through a “U” shaped path and exits following a direction parallel to the one of the inlet

The individual stages of filtration of the pocket filters are distinguished:

  1. Dynamic decantation: the flow reverses his direction when reaches the bottom, the heaviest particles unable to follow the flow fall down into the collecting tank.
  2. Fine metallic filter cells made of aluminum: hold the particles escaped from the first filtering stage, gather the particles agglomerated.
  3. The fiberglass pocket filters: it is the stage with the higher filtering efficiency. It has been conceived to eliminates residual impurities that have not been captured by the first and/or second filtering stages.

The pocket filters are equipped with clapet valves anti-back flow, for the oil discharging


Machine tools processings (by automatic lathes, lathes, milling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, CNC machining centers, etc ..), heat treatment, extrusion, etc …

Advantages: Low cost

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