Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters

The wide range of filtering cartridges proposed by IMAS AEROMECCANICA can satisfy all the needs of the productive sectors. The high customization of such cartridge filters allow to treat whatever delivery by use of small, medium and large size filtering units (dust collectors, substations, etc.). All the range of cartridge filters is fitted with a counter-current jet-pulse cleaning system. Each cartridge filter can be equipped with special tissue cartridges with different grammage depending on the pollutants to be treated. Moreover, they can be fitted with differential pressure switch to control the filters clogging

Each cartridge dust collector can be fitted, if not already provided in the standard version: cartridges in specific tissue and with different weights depending on the pollutant treated, differential pressure gauge for clogging filters alarm, inspection doors, scew conveyor, discharge kit in big-bags, pneumatic transfer systems, rotary valves, level gauges, anti-fire systems and anti-explosion ATEX certified panels (when required), temperature probes, stairs and parapets, etc ...

Schema Silos filtrante
Schema Silos filtrante


Such cartridge filters are applied at Companies whose production process generates dust of any nature but with fine particle size and with a medium-low concentration, such as: Machining (metals, plastics, wood, rubber, etc...) made in the following industries and / or production processes: Woodworking, Foundry, Blast furnaces, Grinding, Welding and Spot Welding, Thermal Cutting, Finishing of Metals, Metals Cleaning, Deburring, Sandblasting, Metallization, Polishing, Sharpening tools, Turning and Milling Cleaning, Shearing, Grinding, Sanding, Laser / Plasma Cutting, Oxy fuel, Recycling, Polymer-Plastic processings, Powder coating

Available range

  • Sleeve filters with or without pre-chamber
  • Sleeves cyclofilter units
  • Compact dust collectors
  • Modular filtering substations with or without decanting chamber

Accessories and Components

  • Screw conveyors
  • Discharging kit into big-bag
  • Pneumatic transport system
  • Rotary valves
  • Shutters
  • ATEX certified anti-fire and anti-explosion devices (whenever required)(anti-deflagration panels, electro valves, pre-separator of sparks, diverters, antifire dampers, etc...)
  • High efficiency filtering plenums, absolute HEPA filters (EN 1822)
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