Screw conveyor and rotary valves

Screw conveyor and rotary valves

Rotary valve

The rotary valve is a discharge device which has the function of being able to transfer the material between two zones of different pressure. It is constituted essentially by a metallic outer housing and a rotor vane coupled to a motor. The terminal of the rotor is provided with rubber blades to make the seal. The rotary valves are used in air suction systems so that it is possible to perform the discharge of the material even with the fan is running, eliminating the problem of dispersion of the powder during such operation

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyors are used for the transport of granular or powdery materials. Their functioning is based on the principle of the Archimedean screw. They consist of a screw with progressive pitch for the transport of the material through a tube. This fully enclosed permits the construction of a transport without dispersion and protected from the weather.

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