2.500 ÷ 30.000 m3/h

The cyclones or centrifugal IMAS AEROMECCANICA separators allow the purification of air or a gas from the powder using the principle of centrifugal force. The cyclones are applied when the air to be treated has a concentration of particles extremely high or when they must be removed coarse dusts, which may then penalize the most delicate filtering units

Depending on the application and the materials to be processed, we produce centrifugal separators made in different materials and with anti-wear coating for very abrasive dusts.

Working principle: the air enters tangentially in the upper part of the cyclone and assumes an helical movement flowing down to the bottom end before exiting in a straight stream through the center of the cyclone (waste part) and out on the top (air). Due to the centrifugal force, the solid particles present in the rotating stream have too much inertia to follow the tight curve of the flow and strike the outside wall, then falling to the bottom side of the cyclone, where they can be collected in a specific bin or removed by different appropriate systems.


  • The cyclones or cyclonic dust collectors remove dust particles from air or gas stream without the use of filtering medias, just using the centrifugal force. The cyclones are used in case of very high concentration of big particles in the air to be treated or in case of coarse dusts which may damage the most delicate filter devices as cartridges.
  • Simplified maintenance due to the lack of moving parts
  • sSimplicity in the dust recovery
  • Limited space needed for the installation
  • Low costs of implementation and use
  • Possibility to work with high temperature fumes
  • Possibility to work with wet fumes
  • Good operational flexibility

The low efficiency for fine particles is one of the main disadvantages, which downgrades this device as a pre-treatment, upstream of more efficient and more expensive separation systems.


Cyclones can be used in processings that generate dusts with rough grain size and high concentration, like primary wood workings (sawmill) for the removal of saw from the air stream, metal workings, rubber and plastic workings, mixing, weighing and packaging of dusty materials, sand blasting, lapping, material cut, metal casting and solid burning, mechanical workings, refinery, cement industries, etc…


  • Increase kit with legs
  • Rotary valves
  • Mobile collecting bin 75 liters
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