The factory/ Quality and security

IMAS AEROMECCANICA has always invested considerable resources in the search for useful solutions to respect and ensure high standards of safety on our products - plants. IMAS AEROMECCANICA have carried out a complete range of ATEX certified ISO 9001/products developed under the ‘’customer satisfaction care’’. The air suction and depuration plants are designed according to the customer’s needs and goals achievement in all the working aspects, from the project plant to the installation. Our products are also made under respect of the EN 12779+A1 and the ATEX 94/9/CE by use of devices such as Anti-Return Valves, diverters and Anti-deflagration panels. All the devices are produced by IMAS AEROMECCANICA and certified by the designated Certification Authorities.

The antiexplosion panels act as relief devices of the over-pressure generated from a possible explosion and constitute the system of protection ATEX known as "venting". Tests and studies treated in our technical department of research and development allow us to market products with the safety requirements necessary to preventing and reducing the risk of explosions, in accordance with the requirements of Directive 94/9 / EC - ATEX

The 30 year experience of manufacturing and installation of plant and the development of our research and design, allow us to develop solutions that treat critical details and to meet the needs of each specific client

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